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Miner's Mug #851 - Set of 4 Mugs - Uniquely fired


Miner’s Mug #851 – Set of 4 Mugs – Uniquely fired

This set of 4 mugs is unique.  The placement during firing, the acero azul glaze, a soda solution sprayed into the kiln from small openings during firing process and a bit of a gift from the kiln gods produced these beautifully colored vessels.   We can’t stop admiring their uniqueness.

Three different metals were discovered and mined in the hills surrounding Nederland Colorado during the mining heyday that spanned the mid 1800’s through the 1920’s and beyond with the last mine closure in 1974.  Gold, silver and tungsten brought the prospectors that flocked the area.  They found GOLD in Gold Run Creek and their tents and camps grew to become the town of Gold Hill.  SILVER was found at Hill’s Ranch, known as Caribou Mine and in a second mine called Poor Man just west of Nederland.  TUNGSTEN was known as “the damned black iron” for years but eventually became a boom that saw 22 mills grow to process the tungsten from the profitable mines.

A miner’s life was tough.  Fires, influenza, scarlet fever and diphtheria were just a few of the discouraging factors. Falling prices of gold and silver and diminishing demand for tungsten drove the local population down as quickly as it had risen.  

Miner’s Mug #851 – Set of 4 – Uniquely fired    

Exclusively at 52RHODA.  Only Here.  Only Ours.  Only Yours!

Artist’s custom mark is on the side of each piece.

Process:  Wheel thrown and altered 

Clay:  B-Clay                          

Size:   3” wide X 3½ to 4” height

Weight:  2.0

Hand Wash Recommended        Dishwasher and Microwave Safe

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