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Peak to Peak Gourd Shaped Vase - Set of 2 - Off the hump


Peak to Peak Gourd Shaped Vase – Set of 2 -  Off the hump  

Julie states that her love of gourds and squash, a very interesting and varied shape in nature, and a tribute to Japanese motifs was in mind when she fashioned the Peak to Peak Vases.  Thrown “off the hump”, in the Japanese tradition and shaped with a special tool the “belly” of the vase takes form. 

The gourd shaped vases are named for The Peak to Peak, Colorado’s oldest Scenic Byway, established in 1918. Like the shape of the two bellies, the Peak to Peak offers spectacular beauty and rolling curvy lanes for a 59 mile, 1 ½ hour drive. 

Peak to Peak Gourd Shaped Vase – Set of 2 - Off the hump

Exclusively at 52RHODA.  Only Here.  Only Ours.  Only Yours!

Artist’s custom mark is on the side of each vase.

Process:  Thrown off the hump

To learn more about how the Peak to Peak Gourd Shaped Vases were made...click here.

Clay:  B-Clay                         

Size:   Small – 3” width X 4” height

           Medium – 3 1/2" width X 4 ½” height          

Weight:  1.02 lbs.

Hand Wash

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