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The Story Bowl Grande - To every season there is a turn


 The Story Bowl Grande -  To every season there is a turn

This most unique bowl tells a story.  Different from every angle and every side as you turn this bowl you may envision your own story.  As you turn you might envision a walk on a fine day with mountains, sky and sea abounding.  You might remember the Byrd’s song: To everything (turn, turn, turn) There is a season, (turn turn turn,) and a time to every purpose under heaven.  Turn the Story Bowl and it is a vision of a summer’s day at the seashore.  Turn, turn, and it is a field of spring green grass reaching to the whitest cloud.  Turn, turn, and see the big wave of green ocean water meeting celadon air and little starburst flowers that lead the pathway walked. Turn, turn, inside to see the leaf, or is it a pond?  Turn, turn... Tell your story.

The Story Bowl Grande - To every season there is a turn

Exclusively at 52RHODA.  Only here.  Only Ours.  Only Yours!

Signed by the artist.  

Process:  Hand built with custom hand rolled texture and hand wrought decoration

To learn more about how Emilie hand built The Story Bowl....click here.

Clay:  B-Mix                            

Size: 10” length X 9 ½” width X 6 ½” height

Weight:  3.0 lbs.

Hand Wash Recommended * Dishwasher and Microwave Safe * Oven and Freezer Safe *

Refrain from quick temperature changes:  NO Freezer to Oven, NO Oven to cold water.



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