Jane Shepherd Braley - Fine Art Painter & Printmaker

Jame Shepherd Braley and Mark Lunning at Open Press Studio, Denver, CO.

In this image Jane is working with Mark Lunning, Artist and Master Printmaker at Mark's Denver studio, OPEN PRESS. 


 The dawning of the age of Aquarius brought with it a passionate, dedicated young artist—Jane Braley.  Friends were going to Vietnam, her hometown of Boulder, Colorado, was evolving into a mecca for the hippie culture with a reputation for art, music, and demonstrations. 

Braley yearned to be part of the psychedelic pop movement, was deeply influenced by Judy Chicago and artists working in abstract expressionism and, within her interpretations of western landscapes, sought ways to best express the times.

By Braley’s senior year in high school she was focused on plein air watercolor painting, but her art teacher encouraged her to branch out. Her willingness to experiment with multiple mediums, integrating them in fresh and unique juxtapositions, is an approach that has remained a hallmark of her artwork.

Following a foray into fine art photography in college, Jane found painting and figure work calling her back to water media and began to combine it with printmaking.

Typical Detail of the Tribal March Series, Jane Shepherd Braley, Fine Art Printmaker"Coming to printmaking in the 1990s after a decade as a fine art watercolorist, I find I am able to translate my paintings and drawings through a multi-plate polymer etching process that transfers the images as I create them. During the hand-pulled fine art printmaking process, I use Chine Collé (paper collage) to augment texture and create an enhanced graphic complexity, letting the individual piece guide me as it develops. Fine art printmaking allows me to expand transfer from one media to another and to include abstracted elements of natural phenomena alongside expressive figurative line drawings. The line I draw and my brush work is not happenstance. It is an intuitive placement born of experience."

Jane’s collage etchings often evolve into a series. Images in Natsu is an example of how a chance meeting can evolve into an array of interpretations. “Natsu” is the name of a model Jane encountered serendipitously during a drawing session. Natsu arrived that day in a stunning orange-blossom kimono. She emanated an aura of elegance and classic Japanese dignity that immediately captured Jane’s Image of Natsu figure typical of the Natsu Seriesimagination. She did 3 or 4 sketches and, after the session, kept working with the image to complete a watercolor. From there she turned to printmaking, which required reducing the initial image to a larger, more gestural line drawing. As she continues to work with the Natsu inspiration, adding layers of collage and paint, each rendition becomes richer and more complex.

Artists see the world differently. Every activity, every journey, every new location becomes inspiration and is framed in the mind as snapshots of composition and color, shapes and line.   Many of Jane's adventures begin in nature.  She might hike the Switzerland Trail above Caribou Ranch Open Space in Colorado taking photos and sketching, or draw on memories of four wheeling with her father as a child through national parks in the West.





"The world where I create is not in my studio, I focus out of my immediate environment.  I have the two dogs, the two cats, the bells on the door, and the windows that look out on the front range of Boulder, yet I work beyond this into some realm in my mind.  Sometimes I am working with the figure in a dark studio or basement print shop, and I still find myself in that world in my mind where color and line is taking me through the process of art."                                                                                                                                                                                           

To learn more about Jane's process in creating the Natsu and Tribal series click here. 

Jane Shepherd Braley - Fine Art Painter & Printmaker 

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