Kevan Krasnoff - Multimedia Artist

Kevan Krasnoff sits on the work table at his studio in Boulder, CO

Kevan Krasnoff has been painting for over 40 years.  With a degree in fine art from the University of Colorado and many travels worldwide, his work is difficult to categorize. 

He has an ability to allow each painting to breathe its own life.   An avid outdoors person, with the gift of athleticism, his paintings are bold expressions, inspired by nature’s elements. He resists being labeled and therefore has been allowed great freedom to explore diverse subject matter and medium.  As a result, his resume and inventory reflect that liberty.  He is first to acknowledge his mentors and the beauty of dendritic connections. He readily admits his love of painting and an obsession to create.

His work has been exhibited and collected internationally and nationally. Given his native roots to Colorado, he has a large local collector base.  Early career devotion and opportunities led him into dozens of galleries and corporate collections.

Longevity in his art career has provided a willingness to reclaim decades of older work and apply a present day palette or subject, therefore building a new layer to the painting, in his words “continuing the story”. “Nothing is static” he says, certainly not my work.

Krasnoff paintings are often a bit raw and on  the edge of ambiguity, this is where they are most attractive, an essence of what’s possible.  

                                                                                                                                                                          Kevan Krasnoff Marine Street Sculpture garden                          Perhaps the strongest influences on Kevan’s artwork in all mediums is the natural landscape, whether found in the great Rocky Mountain region of his birth, while rafting the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon’s stunning geology, or within the quiet beauty and solitude of his Marine Street Sculpture Garden in Boulder, Colorado. Inspired by the natural phenomena that these sights evoke, the color, patterns, and design elements he sees all around him are translated into his work. His art is an ongoing conversation with nature, people, and symbols—spontaneous, intuitive, and evocative.

Liberty One - an abstract original acrylic painting depicting The Statue of Liberty by Kevan Krasnoff.One recurring theme in his paintings—Queens of Liberty—is particularly intriguing. These are signature pieces. Rifting off the iconic symbol of freedom and liberty, our Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor, Kevan has been re-imagining her, abstracting her emotional and symbolic essence, for over a decade, placing her in different moods and settings.

Kevan Krasnoff’s art offers us a kaleidoscopic view of his world and invites us to share in his vision, to use it as a springboard for our own imagination.

Kevan Krasnoff - Multi Media Artist

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