A Mission For 52RHODA

Art and beauty address the human need for hope. They provide grace notes to the struggles of everyday living and inspire us to reach for the best in humanity, those qualities that bring us joy and pleasure in quiet ways.

They allow us to turn away from the flood of celebrity, disposability, and tawdriness that inundates modern life. Art and beauty lift our spirits daily.

With that said, the first mission for 52RHODA is to find and curate beautiful art that is unique, original and exclusive. 52RHODA is dedicated to offer premium objects, fine art, and handmade artisanal goods of the highest quality.  The owner of a 52RHODA product can have complete confidence in it's authenticity and design sensibility.                                  

Virginia Holder, whose discriminating eye has been fine-tuned over a long professional career in interior design and retail marketing, personally selects each item. She looks for individuality and originality and her standards are the highest. Only the finest products created by local suppliers, artists, artisans, craftsmen, potters, jewelry designers, woodworkers, and more drawn from Colorado, California, and New York regions will make the cut.

Concurrently, 52RHODA 's next goal is to highlight local artists and artisans; to shine a beacon or spotlight on their work and dedication to their craft.  We delve into the artist's psyche to have a better understanding of their borderless minds and creative spirits. At 52RHODA we want you to discover what fans the flames of the artist's imagination.

To accomplish this goal, we include professionally written artful presentations of the craftspeople who have put their heart and soul into pursuing beauty, creating it with their own hands. Stories about them, their inspiration, lives, processes and careers will enable our visitors to connect with each source in a more personal way, thus enriching the experience of ownership. 

We invite you to join us in expanding the art and beauty in your own life!

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