Meet Virginia - Executive Director and Founder of 52RHODA

It didn’t take a gypsy fortune teller or a crystal ball to foretell Virginia Holder’s future. At the age of 8 she opened her first successful retail operation, selling items gathered from her family home out of their garage. She is a born curator with a gift for spotting beauty and grace, originality and exceptionalism among the ordinary. Keenly sensitive to color, line, shape and spatial elements, it has been her dream to found 52RHODA, a space where those who prefer to surround themselves with fine art and handmade items of the highest quality, created by artists with a flair for originality, can satisfy their longings too. 

Virginia Holder, Executive Director and Founder of 52Rhoda.

As an adult, Virginia’s ability to discern the best in design and cutting edge trends helped her to launch a prestigious international career as an interior architectural design specialist. Rising in her field like helium in a balloon, her talents became increasingly recognized during her decade and a half with Waterford/Wedgwood USA as she took on responsibility for overseeing construction, design, and staging of new stores across the United States. In 2006, she expanded her perspective when she became a design manager for Manhattan-based Tiffany & Company’s international trade accounts, overseeing projects worldwide. Her continued successes resulted in an invitation to join Tiffany’s esteemed interior design department in New York City where she managed the process of selecting, delivering and documenting interior finishes, furnishing and design for new and remodeled Tiffany stores in both domestic and international markets. Each of these positions introduced Virginia to an even wider range of artistic trends and deepened her discernment and curatorial skills. Completing her lustrous Tiffany’s career in 2011, today Virginia runs vaholderINdesign from her base in Boulder, Colorado.

Virginia has come a long way from that first store. Like garage bands that soared to stardom and tech geeks who became household words, her reputation is synonymous with superior quality, one-of-a-kind elegance, and artistic style. 52RHODA is her shining showcase.



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