Our Contributors (Backup)

52RHODA's tagline is "creativity. curated".  

Creative is defined by The American Heritage Dictionary as the ability to create, marked with originality, expressiveness and imagination.

Our Featured Artists are undeniably touched with a generous dose of creative talent.  

Our Contributors also have that creative eye and gift of impressive talent, all creatives at 52RHODA - artists, photographers, design experts and creative writers.  

52RHODA is "CREATIVITY" in many forms.


Thank you to the Contributing Artists of 52RHODA!

Ladd Forde - Photography


Contribution:  Lifestyle and Portrait Photography - Ian Ratowsky, Emilie Parker, Kevan Krasnoff, Jane Shepherd Braley, Julie Naster

Contribution:  Product Photography - Wall Art by Kevan Krasnoff and Ian Ratowsky

Contact:  ladd@laddfordephotography

Instagram:  @forde_photo

Ladd Ford - Portrait and Lifestyle Photorapher

Tom Sundro Lewis - Photographer


Contribution:  Product Photography -  Clay Art by Emilie Parker and Julie Naster

Contact:  TomSundroPhotography@gmail.com

Tom Sundro Lewis - Photographer

Grason Ratowsky - Creative Consultant


Contribution:   Creative Design - 52RHODA logo, typography and tagline design; business card design, marketing booklet copy and design

Contact:  Grason@RatowskyCreative.com

Grason Ratowsky, Creative Director, RatowskyCreative

Rosemary Carstens - Writer, Editor and Writing Coach


Contribution:  Biography: Julie Naster, Emilie Parker, Ian Ratowsky, Jane Shepherd Braley, Virginia Holder;  Mission statement.                    

Contact:  words2go@gmail.com

Rosemary Carstens - Words and Paint

Chris Brown - Photographer


Contribution:  Photography - Fine Art Prints by Jane Shepherd Braley
Contact:  cb@chrisbrownphotography.com



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