The Dark Side Of The Moon Bowl Story

The Dark Side of the Moon Bowl by Emilie Parker

Today I find myself pressing thick slabs of red clay into my carefully prepared bowl mold so that every part is touched and pocked with my own fingers and nails.  This bowl has a rugged dark side to it.  I smooth and cut and add points and shapes to move the eye around the undulating edge.  I add a rugged loving touch to every inch.   With a special tool I cut small circles with not a purpose or intent in mind.  The last thing it gets is a small cutout of a redeeming heart.

When this bowl came out of the kiln after the first firing at 1800 degrees Fahrenheit, I sat it on the shelf for a month or so waiting to know how to glaze it.  Then one day I pick it up and stare at it as I turn it over in my hands.  Next I just headed straight over to my shelf with the assortment of glazes; I have a vast selection and variety of black glazes.  I begin to cover the entire surface of the bowl with black in shapes and patterns and overlapping layers using almost every one of my blacks, black silvers and black gold.

After the second firing I grabbed it warm from the cooling kiln with big thick heat protective gloves. I was taken back, stunned – as I gazed at its detailed black swirling surface reminiscent of the pock marks on the dark side of the moon and stars in the night sky.  When it cooled the heart caught my eye.  It had a heart.   And then the circles....phases of the moon?   I am always amazed at what happens in the kiln – one never knows what will come out of it!!


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