The Making Of Magnolia Vase #2 And #3

The Magnolia Vases were made with a display of sumptuous - yet small - bundles of flowers in mind. 

The oblong shape allows for a tight display that decorates but doesn't dominate the dinner table or side table.



The vases are first thrown as a bottomless cylinder, then after firming up a bit are reshaped into an oval.

After further drying, a slab is made that will become the bottom of the vase.

Slab and oval are joined then placed in a humid environment so the base and walls can meld solidly together.

After further drying stamps and sculpting tools are used to create the surface design.

Each Magnolia Vase is first Bisque fired in a separate electric kiln.......

Bauer Slip glaze is applied to the outside; titanium shino glaze is used inside.

It  is the third, phase, called "atmospheric firing" spanning roughly 30 hours plus cooling time, in which fire, heat, ash, and soda come together to create the final product.  It is when, as Julie states the "kiln gods" are at work. 

Magnolia Vase # 3 Julie Naster Wood Fired Kiln


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