The Making Of The Peak To Peak Gourd Shaped Vases

two gourd shaped vases named Peak to Peak made by Julie Naster   


Made with a love of gourds and squash in mind– a very interesting and varied form in nature – and a tribute to Japanese motifs.                                                     

Thrown “off the hump” - this is a Japanese technique where a large block of clay is centered on the wheel then small pieces are thrown from the top of the hump and then cut off.

This process is repeated until the hump has been used up.

This particular shape utilizes a special tool – a long, thin, wooden stick with a curved section at the end.

The tool is placed down into the emerging pot and used to shape the two “bellies” of the pot.

After trimming, the vase is dried and bisque-fired.

The final finish includes a tenmoku glaze on the inside and top section of the outside and flashing slip on the remainder of the outside surface

The third, phase, called "atmospheric firing" spanning roughly 30 hours plus cooling time, in which fire, heat, ash, and soda come together to create the final product.  It is when, as Julie states the "kiln gods" are at work. 

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