The Process Of Fine Art Printmaking

The printmaking technique that Jane uses in creating the Natsu and Tribal series combines polymer plate etching with Chine Colle’ (F. papers added).   Termed “Solarplate”, this printmaking technique is a safe, non-toxic approach to printmaking developed in the 70’s.   The Solarplate process combines a light sensitive polymer printing plate with steel backing and it is processed using UV light and water with papers added during the printing process.

A Solarplate is used in the transfer process

Jane hand draws a transfer of the Natsu or the Tribal image on a special opaque glass surface using black ink wash and graphite pencil.


Detail sketch of a typical solar plate used for making an etching Light is applied through the opaque glass onto a solar metal plate covered with an emulsion that when rinsed with water leaves only the ink wash and graphite image on the metal plate.


The color palette is artfully prepared

Bringing forth her years of painting experience, Jane intuitively selects the printmaking oil based ink colors that will define the color palette of the unique Fine Art Print. The oil based printmaking inks of the selected palette are wiped on the metal plate – just as on a canvas - and blended for consistency.


Chine Colle’ – papers added

Now the magic – A large piece of fine handmade paper (the artist’s own secret paper) is moistened and placed on top of the metal plate that rests on the printing press.

As the metal plate and Jane’s special paper are hand pulled under the roller of the printmaking press Chine Colle' papers are added to complete the process.                                                                                                                             

Chine Colleis French for “papers added”. Jane places the preselected transparent oriental papers on to her special larger moistened paper as the large roller is hand pulled over the metal plate and paper combined.
Close up of one of Jane Braley's Natsu images showing the chine collee that is added during the printmaking processThese decorative additions of various colors, and texture, many with threads or dashes of gold leaf define the mood of each piece and may be added either in large sheets or smaller torn sections.  Design motifs may be a leaf, or a feather, or floral, stripes, a tartan plaid or geometric patterns. Often a Samurai warrior or god figure is creatively placed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The Chine Colle’ is the essence of movement and texture that brings each Natsu or Tribal Fine Art Print to life, breathing into it a one of a kind exclusivity.  Here we see Jane’s intuitive talent of creative beauty and genius earned from her years of trial and error at work.

The resistance of the heavy press allows the ink and color and Chine Colle’ to transfer to Jane’s special paper and what is revealed beneath that gargantuan roller is a one of a kind Natsu or Tribal Fine Art print. Jane is assisted by Mark Lunning, Artist and Master Printmaker with the printmaking process that takes place at Mark’s Denver studio, OPEN PRESS.

    Jane Braley and Mark Lunning  working at the printing press at Open Press Studio in Denver, CO

       Natsu fine art print framed and matted showing end productJane is highly respected in the Fine Art Printmaking community for her ability to translate images between the painting, drawing and printmaking medium, a talent that makes her stand out as an artist and incites a bold statement of Culture as Art.

      The art of making a Fine Art Print, such as those offered at 52RHODA, is the culmination of Jane’s successful lifelong career in drawing and painting.   Jane’s Fine Art Prints are gallery show stoppers; they look and have the texture and quality of a mixed media painting.

       Jane Braley Artist, Painter, Printmaker.

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