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Seattle Burlap Bowl Grande - The texture of organic growth


Seattle Burlap Bowl Grande - The texture of organic growth

Burlap, a roughly surfaced and loosely woven material is recyclable, sustainable and bio-degradable. The Seattle Burlap Sack Company is a supplier of burlap sacks in many sizes and for many uses.  Emilie keeps a small sample of a Seattle Burlap sack in a drawer at the Clay Art Coop.  It is the texture that Emilie impressed into a slab of clay as she brought the Seattle Burlap Bowl to life.  Using the sample of burlap, Emilie entwined the spirit of organic growth with the natural burlap texture and added buttons and curly cues that might suggest a budding plant.  Hence, the name for this unusual and organically textured bowl – The Seattle Burlap (Sack) Bowl!  We love it!

Seattle Burlap Bowl Grande – The texture of organic growth

Exclusive to 52RHODA.  Only here.  Only Ours.  Only Yours!  

Signed by the artist.

Process:  Hand built and impressed with texture and added design elements

Clay:  B-Mix

Glaze:   Copper Oxide Stain, Celadon and Salt + Pepper Gloss White                     

Size:  Grande – 9 ¼” Length X 9 ¼” Width X 5 ½ to 6 ½ “ Height             

Weight:   3 lbs.

Hand Wash is recommended * Dishwasher and Microwave Safe * Oven and Freezer Safe *

Refrain from quick temperature changes: NO Freezer to Oven, NO Oven to cold water

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