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Flower Bud and Cloud - Set of 2 Vases - Creatively born


Flower Bud and Cloud -  Reminiscent of a budding flower, the taller vase cradles the smaller whose edges take on the shape of a cloud

Flower Bud and Cloud are the vases that Emilie was fashioning during our photo shoot at The Art Clay Coop, as seen in the photo above. Unable to toss out the bits and pieces of leftover clay from the Flower Bud vase, Emilie's supple hands began to mold and play with the clay slab at first without purpose or design intent.  Often many hours later, behold... there is a unique, one of a kind, piece on her work table. Creativity was happening - Cloud was born.

Flower Bud and Cloud - Set of 2 Vases - Creatively born

Exclusively at 52RHODA.  Only here.  Only Ours.  Only Yours!

Each piece is signed by the artist on the bottom.  

Process:  Hand built with an overall custom impressed design 

Clay:  B-Mix

Size:  Tall:  5 1/8" diameter, 10 1/2"  height

          Small:   5 1/2" long, 3 1/2" wide

Weight:  2.8 lbs.

Hand Wash

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