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Magnolia Vase #3 - "Mags" mountain by-way


Magnolia Vase #3:  "Mags" mountain by-way  

Both Magnolia Vase #3 and Magnolia Vase #2 were made with the thought of sumptuous small bundles of wildflowers in mind. The oblong shape allows for a tight bouquet that decorates but doesn’t dominate the dinner table or side table. Pair Magnolia Vase #3 with Magnolia Vase #2 filled with the season’s bounty and set at either end of a long table or buffet for a dramatic presentation.   

A namesake vase of Magnolia Hand & Land, Magnolia Vase #3 is the sister to Magnolia Vase #2 and shares a similar distinctive custom hand detail that is reminiscent of the dirt and gravel by-way known as Magnolia Road, or “Mags” as called by the local community.  Mags, a scenic 12 mile road offers dramatic mountain vistas, but its travel is treacherous with twists and turns and steep ascents.

Magnolia Vase #3

Exclusively at 52RHODA.  Only Here.  Only Ours.  Only Yours!

Artist’s custom mark is on the side.  

Process:  Wheel thrown, altered and decorated

To learn more about how Magnolia Vast #3 was made...click here.

Clay:  B-Clay                         

Size:   4 3/4" length X 3 3/4" width X 5 1/4“ height               

Weight:  1.0 lbs.

Hand Wash

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