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Mokoli'i's Hat Oversized Canister - the legend of Chinaman's Hat



Mokoli’i’s Hat Oversized Canister - the legend of Chinaman’s Hat

Mokoli’i, (pronounced Mo-ko-lee-he), an island located off shore at Oahu, Hawaii is commonly referred to as Chinaman’s Hat, a name derived from the island’s likeness to an Asian conical hat.  In a painting by artist Dean Howell, a giant figure of a Chinese man is depicted sitting on the ocean floor, under the sea, wearing the island Mokoli'i as his hat.  Befitting this story, our oversized canister, is topped with a distinctive decorated lid or hat, while below the statement canister reveals its gigantic 2 gallon capacity.   The texture and design on the interior and exterior is repeated on the top knot knob and side handles.   This statement piece is the perfect place to store your favorite treasure for safe keeping!

Mokoli’i’s Hat Oversized Canister – the legend of Chinaman’s Hat

Exclusively at  52RHODA.  Only here.  Only Ours.  Only Yours!

Signed by the artist.

Process:  Hand built and impressed with texture and custom design features on the interior and exterior.

Clay:  B-Mix                 

Size:  12” length X 10” width X 14” height          

Weight:   12.4 lbs.

Hand Wash


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