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Starry Starry Night Collection Bowl Vente - Flaming flowers and swirling clouds


Starry Starry Night Bowl Vente - Flaming flowers and swirling clouds on a snowy linen land

This bowl is part of a large collection created by Emilie Parker; all pieces having the same design motif (see the image of the complete collection).  The Starry Starry Night design motif is reminiscent of art by iconic painter, Vincent Van Gogh, who often inspires Emilie’s work.  With its high sides the bowl affords good depth and space. The asymmetrical shape adds to the mystique of the design. Fill it with lemons, limes, apples or any seasonal fruit for the perfect centerpiece at table or Kitchen Island.  Pair with the set of 3 Starry Starry Night spoons or any of the other items in this large collection.  

Starry Night Bowl Vente - Flaming flowers and swirling clouds

Exclusively at 52RHODA.  Only here.  Only Ours.  Only Yours!

Signed by the artist on the bottom.  

Process:  Hand built with custom hand rolled design motif on the bowl exterior and interior and custom glazes. 

To learn more about how Emilie hand built the Starry Starry Night bowl....click here.

Clay:  B-Mix                           

Size: 10 ¼” X 10 ¾ “ Wide X 5 3/8” High

Weight:  3.2

Hand Wash is recommended * Dishwasher and Microwave Safe * Oven and Freezer Safe *

Refrain from quick temperature changes: NO Freezer to Oven, NO Oven to cold water. 


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